Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Move over Anderson Cooper, here comes Hurricane Hottie!

It seems like every couple of weeks a new hurricane is hitting the Gulf Coast, and while I feel terrible for the people who are suffering through these storms, I feel guilty for tuning in mainly to get a glimpse of CNN's latest "hurricane hottie". Looks like Anderson Cooper has some competition now that Rob is on the scene and doing major field reporting. What a hunk! His face is chiseled to perfection and his body is just too buff for words. Even when winds of up to 115 mph are pounding him, he still manages to look cute. He's a Cornell graduate and holds a bachelor's in meteorology. I never knew guys with barometers could be so sexy. I did a quick Google search on Rob and found out that he has a huge female and male following. Straight, gay, married, single, everyone's dreaming about Rob lately. Too bad Rob's already got a girlfriend (but that won't stop us from dreaming!). He's dating another CNN anchor Veronica De La Cruz, who also looks like a supermodel. Here's her picture:

What's with all these CNN anchors by the way? It seems that in order to be a successful journalist there, you've got to be gorgeous. Paula Zahn, Anderson Cooper, Rob... they are all perfect looking. Intellect alone will get you nowhere, you've got to have the total package to get hired and be put on air at CNN. I guess they know that when they put a hottie like Rob Marciano on TV, desperate housewives like me are going to keep tuning in again and again. They've got it all figured out.
Here are some more pics of Rob:

"Keep dreaming ladies (and men), I'm taken."

I wish I could concentrate on what this poor man on the left is trying to say, but I can't take my eyes off Rob's hot bod. Jeans, t-shirt, and a baseball cap never looked so good! And look at those pecs and biceps...meow!

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Ameet said...

Going through some of your old posts. Hurricane Hottie indeed! Rob used to get me through Sunday morning workouts at the gym. I had no idea he did field work on Katrina. Wonder what he's up to these days.