Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bizarre Nekkid Britney Photos

I'm so excited ya'll. I never thought I'd get all nekkid for a magazine, you know, I really just want to live a private life and be left alone by the media. But, like the photographer said he'd made me look real perty with Photoshop, so I was like, "Sure!", and like here I am on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. Ya'll ain't ready for these pics, I look so HOT!

This one is so Photoshopped. Ya'll know my body is not this tan, or slick. But I look HOT, don't I?

(Exhibit A: Britney frolicking in Miami, a short time before the Bazaar photoshoot.)

This one is especially for my Manny Perry. I gave him a framed copy of this one.

Peek-a-boo, I'm still here.

This is where I pretend to be Demi Moore. Isn't the Photoshop great?

Here, I'm finally wearing clothes, and it's the baby's turn to be nekkid.

Jokes aside, I do think Britney looks really pretty in these photos. Poor girl has been picked on alot in the press lately, I think this shoot is just what she needed to remind herself (and that freeloader K-Fed) that Brit still has it in her to make a comeback.

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Anonymous said...

I think that Britney has proven herself to be too red behind the neck to make a serious comeback. I am sure that she is probably pretty nice, though.

Um Naief said...

I love the photos. She looks great, altho I seriously doubt if they'll do anything for her career/comeback.

Chic Mommy said...

I think there is just a small flicker of comeback potential left in her. If she stays with K-Fed any longer though, it that flicker might go out forever.

Unknown said...

I need to learn how to use photoshop for my own preg and post-preggo pics.

Anonymous said...

I felt sorry for her when she was bawling on that big interview..can't remember who it was with, but anyway, I felt sorry for her....and I also wanted to yank that gum out of her mouth. I think you are right. If she stays with her man much longer it will all be over, he's going to spend all her money up quick and she'll have to get out there to make herself a living soon

Aisha said...

She does look reallllly good in the naked pics BUT its not real as you showed in the other pictures. I know this is taking a silly thing to a more serious level but it really bothers me when the media does this. It really makes the rest of us feel so much worse as we stare at new found stretch marks and cellulite while we think of Spears unblemished and perfect pregnanty body when infact its not the truth. Its same like aging. Now a days people do so much botox/surgery that we dont even know what a real older person may look like.

Um Naief said...

aisha, i couldn't agree w/ you more! they make life look so perfect... and then to add more to it, you see naked pics of these ppl and they look like perfection. BUT.. always remember, they're not.

... said...

these pictures reak of desperation to me, like look at me ppl! i still got it ya'll. i think she's over. but, i did feel bad for her when she was bawling on national tv.

Roonie said...

She'd better not make a comeback. I'll be angry.