Monday, June 19, 2006

My New Diaper Bag: The Fresh Stripes Un-Diaper Bag

The mall we went to in Boston this weekend had a Babystyle store in it. I've never been to an actual Babystyle, in the past I just stuck with ordering from their website. It was a really nice store and a great place to get all the "celebrity mommy" stuff you see people like Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow toting around. Plus they have a special kids play area where the kids can play in a safe environment while you shop. (After my "Britney" moment below, I was extra cautious about this for the remainder of the day. From now on, every time I do something a dumb mommy would do, I'm going to refer to it as a "Britney".)

The best time to buy something at Babystyle is when they have a sale because everything is very expensive at regular price. I picked up this great bag there, The Fresh Stripes Un-Diaper bag. It's perfect for light trips and is one of the few bags I've seen that actually has slots for three sippy cups/bottles. This was really important for me, because I need to carry three Munchkin straw cups for my kids every time I go out and my Land's End Do It All Diaper Bag has stopped doing it all for me. It only holds two bottles, and the changing pad, which is located in the outside pocket, always mysteriously gets covered with cookie crumbs and crud. I always have to wipe it clean before I change a baby on it. With the Un-Diaper Bag, the changing pad is located in a zipped pocket inside the bag so it always stays clean. Plus, the entire bag can be wiped clean with a wet wipe or a bottle of Anti-Bacterial spray and a paper towel. It's a plastic coated canvas bag (it's laminated) with red pleather trim. Regular price was $85, but I got it on sale for $45. I didn't know this bag was sold out on the internet, they had tons on clearance in the physical store, but I did find someone selling it for about $12 on Ebay.

While I was in Babystyle, I also took a look at the latest "must have" celebrity diaper bag, The Gigi Shoulder Bag by Storksak. This is the bag that Angelina Jolie bought for baby Shiloh, and other celebs like Kate Winslet and Liv Tyler have also been seen carrying this bag. I liked this bag alot, it is a tote style bag that also has room for three bottles inside (for Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh) plus has the added security of a zip top closure, BUT..... it's $198. I'm not spending that much on a diaper bag. Also, it has Teflon coating, and according to a post I read a while back on Aisha's blog, chickens died when they came in contact with Teflon. Who knows what effect it will have on humans? Ah, you know I'm just making excuses for not getting the Gigi, because if this bag was $45 I probably would have scooped it up. That Teflon theory probably has some holes in it anyway. The biggest deterrent to the Gigi for someone with my budget is the celebrity price tag of $200 bucks. But no biggie, I'm quite happy with my funky new plastic laminated bag. Red pleather rocks!


Virenda said...

I love the black bag but I REALLY LOVE the pink stripped one. I think you made a good choice, plus it was only 45 bucks! Way to go.

Unknown said...

Love the pink striped bag. Now you've got me thinking about getting a new one. Thanks for pointing out the need for multiple cup holders. I never think about this stuff till it's too late.

Aisha said...

Yes the Teflon is no reason not to purchase a fabulous bag since the Teflon scare is more about eating teflon touched items. Surely you will not be eating the bag hence no cause for concern :)