Saturday, May 27, 2006

Is that a Baby Bjorn or a Tie?

photo: Dlisted

Okay, I swear I'm not going to rag on Britney's mothering abilities, I'm so over that. What I find funny about this photo is that her manny has the Baby Bjorn at the ready and she still insits on carrying the baby. This manny has the easiest gig in town ya'll. Money for nothing and the chick for free.

P.S. I think they've got something going on. I wouldn't be surprised if she dumps K-Fed and hooks up with the manny.


Um Naief said...

well my dear, it's all over the gossip rags that she and KFed are separated! i hope she leaves his sorry ass! who knows, she'll prob have a fling w/ the manny to get past the sperm donor.

Unknown said...

I don't think the manny is all that good looking, but he's a huge improvement over that greasy weasel K-fed. Yuck.

Ameet said...

Manny needs to work out some - but then we all know that childcare and workouts don't mix :(

keda said...

oh fabulous!

i wanted a manny. as i wasn't allowed by the ex i decided to do it myself! this is such good news!!

i'm thrilled she's got help now. i'm thrilled he sorta hunkey enough for anyone to even bother questioning his looks. i pray that she leaves the crusty and that she doesn't do the manny but cry's on his shoulder and has him as a good bloke to help sean wuthout risking losing him by getting involved!

yeehah, things are looking up*

Kimmy said...

Well... she's just as dumb as we all think if she doesn't leave KFed and take up with the manny. If not... I'll take 'im. My son's 10, but I could use a manny ;)