Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pregancy Takes its Toll on Angelina

photo source: Just Jared

Maddox looks really cute but Angelina is starting to look like a very tired mommy. I know it's important for her to make sure Maddox doesn't feel excluded and has enough "Mommy time" but Angie really needs to start giving herself a break. She's almost 8 months pregnant, why is she still insisting on carrying Maddox around? And travelling so much? She needs to kick back at home, put on some comfy sweats (black of course!) and zone out in front of the TV with a nice warm bowl of mashed potatoes.

I'm totally on Team Jolie. I've always liked Angelina. Despite her punk past, she's seems to be a very caring person inside. I don't see Jennifer helping poor children or helping with United Nations efforts, it's Jolie. Not to mention Angelina is an amazing actress and a great mom. And ever since I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I further believe Brad and Angelina belong together, they just have amazing chemistry and look so good together.

Now that Brad and Angelina are going to become parents of three children, they are going to have to realize that at least one child is going to be juggled in the air at all times. No more "I'll take Zahara and you take Maddox" and off we go to our separate or same destination. In three months it's going to be "Brad, can you take Zahara and Maddox to the park while I nurse the baby?" or "Maddox, why don't you sit here and watch cartoons, and feed yourself your macaroni and cheese" while Angelina tends to the newborn or spoon feeds Zahara. Once you have more than two children, the parents are automatically outnumbered. I myself didn't even have a lead time, I went from having one child to having three children age 2 and under within two years. I don't know how I managed but somehow I did. My husband helped alot and we had a babysitter who would help us during the day for the first six weeks. Someone was always crying and feeling neglected those first couple months, myself included, but we got through it. I'm sure Angelina is going to have at least two nannies to help her though, she's got to. No matter how much she likes to do it all herself, all moms of multiples need a break now and then. And unless she allows Maddox to start walking by himself, she's going to need a triple stroller too.

Also, I must comment on this picture I found while scanning the archives of The Superficial. Maddox is almost the same age as my son, and looking at this photo made me laugh. I imagine the conversation must have gone something like this before they left the house:

Angie: "Maddox, it's cold outside, please wear pants."
Maddox: "No! I want to wear shorts and my Napolean Dynamite boots!"
Angie: "No Maddox, wear pants and sneakers...okay at least wear pants, your legs are going to get cold."
Maddox: "Nooo! I said NO Mama!" (cut to Maddox throwing a tantrum and starting to cry)
Brad: "Just let him wear the shorts Angie, we're just going to the grocery store."
Maddox: "Dad said I could wear the shorts! I want to wear the shorts!"
Angie: (turning towards Maddox, rolling her eyes) "Fine! Let your legs get cold, I don't care!"

At least that's how it would've gone down in my house. I love how they have a bag of Cheetos in the backseat for Maddox to munch on while they ride in the car. (Click the photo to enlarge) Cheetos are like manna from heaven for children (and Britney Spears).


Virenda said...

UM, Maddox is adorable and I think the conversation part was FUNNY.

It usually goes like that with my 3 year old.

I however don't think Angie is THAT great of an actress, she only does sexy and pensive, or pensive and angry and sexy, or you get the picture.



rabiaiman said...

happens to the best of us :P!!!
honestly, i think she is so harried (i mean big actresses going out without the hair combed tsk tsk!!! "see pic on top with pony and flyaways in hair") because they are insisting on doing everything for themselves. foods shopping and i even hear brad does bathrooms. perhaps at that level they can indulge UN-guiltily in a maid or two and perhaps a nanny for the two kids already there. then again, we all do it right? but then u look like how she does in the pics!!! this is the REAL world baby. perhaps they (brad and angie) should have a reality tv show.

mommyof4 said...

Hehe! I think they look better together than him and Jen.Mr and Mrs smith was awsome. Watching a movie with real life couples makes me wonder if the relatioship is close to what it is on the big screen? I guess they are not trying to kill each other, yet!

Lena said...

I cannot believe you had 3 kids 2 and under! AHHH! I bow in respect and awe.

You nailed that conversation, for sho! Its all about the boots over here, but fortunately they're fashionable with everything these days!

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