Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Fun Links

Here are some fun links, some old, some new, but all worth a look.

This video is the best Nintendo Wii commercial you'll never see on TV (via YouTube)

KKKKramer, this picture is worth a thousand words (College Humor)

I like Vaseline for all its mulitude of uses, but Tyra Banks is just crazy about it! (Wampoon)
Tyra's reaction to Vaseline is what mine would be the day my twins finally get potty trained.

Amy Poehler Blasts the Coochie Flashers on SNL, plus my two cents. (Celebitchy)

The Video of Amy Poehler Blasting the Coochie Flashers (Celebitchy)

Laura Bush's Fashion Nightmare, this dress really got around (Celebitchy)

Britney Spears may have shacked up with Mario Lopez for two days (Celebitchy)

This Dora the Explorer toy looks more like a vibrator than a toy for little kids (Agent Bedhead)

Do Indian guys have small weiners? Hmm, no comment, but Neel Shah is a hottie! (Gawker)

And here's an extra special treat for the weekend, an extreme close-up of Teri Hatcher.

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Yikes! If this is what bathing in red wine does to your skin, no thanks, I'll stick to soap and water.

Teri Hatcher photo via WWTDD

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Ameet said...

Can someone please peel that Terri Hatcher mask off that ape?