Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Close, But No Pants

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So Brit Brit finally decided to wear panties, and she flashed them to the paps to prove it.

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Nice. Maybe next time she'll remember to wear her pants as well.

photos via I'mNotObsessed


simply me said...

seriously! somebody needs to tell this girl that shirts are meant to be worn with pants. I guess it's all about baby-steps with her.. even with the panties she has on..only one cheek is covered!

Aisha said...

man. again. cant let go of the fact that this is a parent.

you have to really think about how amazing the pr lady for her was when she had her at the time in her life that she seemed cute and not a hillbilly of the highest degree.

She wouldn't have had a chance if she began this way.

On a tangent I am surprised that she lost all her baby weight. She seemed qute lazy these days I didnt think she had it in her to do it. I wonder what her secret was because its quite a dramatic before and after.